Safe. Ethical. Affordable: We make sure you comply with all legally!

Business Challenge: Maintaining compliance with numerous employment legislation impacting businesses and employees, such as paid leave, the minimum wage, and workplace sexual harassment, is one of the biggest issues organizations face today. Businesses occasionally fail to follow standards, which leads to legal action, fines, reputational damage, etcetera.


Our Solutions:  As your off-site HR department, we keep you compliant while providing legal support when needed. Our legal experts reduce your risk and vulnerabilities to changes in federal, state, local, and professional regulatory requirements. We preserve your employment-related records securely and legally to keep you protected and eliminate the possibility of failing to comply with any of them.

Our Approach: We collaborate with your team as your outsourced HR partner to develop employee handbooks that explain effective workplace policies that apply to your company. To ensure that your hiring and recruitment practices adhere to the applicable local, state, and federal employment and anti-discrimination laws, we also analyze and update them. As your off-site staff, we also ensure that your onboarding practices are friendly with local, state, and federal wage and hour laws. Additionally, we create and disseminate paid leave policies. We also keep track of the documentation for personnel verification. In case of any issues, our legal team is always ready to defend your company.

  • Avoidance of compliance fee

To reduce the possibility of receiving significant fines, our HR will keep track of compliance-related deadlines.

  • Peace of mind

Collaborating with our seasoned experts will give you the confidence of outsourcing HR compliance.

  • Time management

By using outsourcing, you can free up time instead of putting in long hours to comprehend legal requirements.

  • Reduced cost

Although the rates of our HR outsourcing vary, they are far less than hiring a full-time HR/legal consultant.

  • Employees’ trust

When they have access to all the rights and benefits, employees feel safe and appreciated in the workplace.

  • Improved reputation

When your staff members feel valued at work, they promote your business positively, enhancing its reputation as a complying one.

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