An end-to-end payroll processing solution – No more worrying about cash flow!

Business Challenge:  When most businesses start, they do not hire HR representatives on staff and attempt to handle payroll in-house for a few months, but it becomes challenging because they cannot concentrate on their core business. Businesses can face problems in payroll processing, like staff turnover, delayed employee payments, and employees not receiving pay slips on time.

Our Solutions: We manage the whole array of payroll processing from start to finish—collecting, processing, and reviewing payroll data every paid month. To process special payments, manual checks, replacement checks, and final checks, we perform a range of payroll calculations and verifications. Our team is in charge of managing employee data in the payroll systems, employee payroll files, and the human resource information system.

Our Approach: We use our dependable back-end payroll engine and years of payroll management expertise to address the client’s problems. Together with your team leader, we review the payroll procedure and standard operating procedures for the payroll process. Before the team leader arrives at the office, we like to have access to connect remotely to the client-server and process payroll. Any emails regarding issues and deviations will be directed to the team leader. The team leader then reviews payroll and discusses any issues with us over Skype.

  • Employee payment on time

You won’t have to pay people yourself anymore. After all, we’ll handle everything on time.

  • Better performance


Pay slips and paper checks for every employee will be sent on time, letting you focus on other things.

  • Limiting payroll errors

Payroll operations are handled far better by off-site HRs than by an internal team with a heavy workload.

  • Cost reduction

You can save a lot of money by not hiring full-time internal staff.

  • Prompt creation of pay stubs

Payroll calculations and lengthy pay slip entries are handled automatically.

  • Customer support

Employees can contact the customer service staff, who can handle all the complaints and questions.

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