Everything you need to know about your employees – A periodic, real-time background check!

Business Challenge: Organizations face new challenges in the employment process annually. It is not easy to find a reliable background check supplier. There are numerous barriers in the way. Most businesses encounter three difficulties when conducting background checks: response time, accuracy, and service.

Our Solutions: Our off-site HR team completes the procedure required of HR specialists when screening applicants, which includes contacting coworkers and colleagues to assess the applicant’s talents and verify work history. We gather information on candidates’ work ethic and character by contacting past coworkers. We collect information in every way to ensure that you remain compliant with regulatory compliance. Finally, we will write a report and send it your way.

Our Approach: We work together with your team so they may give us all the information about the new potential employees. Once we get the information, we get in touch with the former employers of the applicants’ listed employees to confirm the employment dates and positions. We also contact the former employee fellows during the reference check and ask them a set of standardized, open-ended questions that can give insight into a candidate’s personality and work ethic; their answers are then recorded.

Not only does our legal team look into criminal histories with state, local, and federal agencies we also conduct a background check to ensure they possess a legitimate ID. We may occasionally ask the employee to undergo a drug test or have their driving record checked. Once everything is finished, we offer your HR staff a complete report of all our results so they can make informed decisions.

  • High-quality staff

There will be a significantly higher quality of hire in your staff.

  • Reduced employee turnover

Your rate of unwelcome turnover will be greatly reduced by background checking new hires.

  • Improved safety

By eliminating candidates who might pose a threat, there is less likelihood of future workplace violence.

  • Reduced workplace abuse

The negative impacts of drug and alcohol misuse, including absenteeism, attitude issues, and crime, can be lessened.

  • Compliance

Your business will comply with industry standards as well as state and federal regulatory requirements.


  • Reduced losses

Background checks help to catch dishonest employees, which will prevent losses to reputation, employees, public confidence, etc.

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